Firefighter Training In Alberta

In the past, fire training in Alberta cost a lot of money, and used a lot of time. Firefighters had to travel to a class to learn all the things you need to know and do, in-person. We like ideas, and the people who come up with them.  

At NorQuest College, we use new technology and different ways to give our students the best education. In 2015, NorQuest’s Fire Rescue Institute launched its one-of-a-kind fire rescue program - online. Three years later, the course is taken by people from all over Canada, USA, and even world-wide.

“When people think of firefighting, they think of their local fire hall and the red trucks racing to emergencies. It is less likely they realize how industrial sectors rely on the skills and knowledge of a fire fighter too,” says Ed Kohel, business development manager of public safety & health and Chief of Training.

Oil and gas, forestry, mining, and even indigenous communities need full fire crews that are ready to go 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Safety is the priority, and often these organizations turn to NorQuest to deliver. Keyera, a large energy company, could not find custom fire safety training  for their industry. It was not really available in Alberta at that time, but NorQuest was there to help. NorQuest put the training and support in place, and got Keyera the confidence they needed.

Keyera’s emergency response technician, Ken Haeberle, is thrilled the chance to do this came in Alberta: “Working with NorQuest and using the job grant allowed my team to get the training we needed, where we needed it, and quickly.”

The Canada Alberta Job-Grant is accessible to employers meeting the eligibility criteria across many industries and sectors in Alberta.

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