Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program

Supply chain management is an increasingly important career as consumers have come to expect goods and services faster, with more convenience, and from anywhere in the world. This one-year professional certificate program is designed for individuals to complete post diploma or degree to prepare them for the various aspects of working in supply chain – including logistics, operations management, procurement, transportation, inventory & warehousing, bidding & contract management, global logistics, and business planning principles.

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Program Details

Duration: 1 year

Delivery Method: In-person at the NorQuest Downtown Campus

Start Date: Fall Term - August 30, 2021

Admission Requirements:
  • Previous diploma or degree
  • If English is your second language, you must provide proof of English language proficiency (ELP) prior to admission (IELTS 6.0 - no band less than 6.0)
    • Duolingo score of 105
This is a non-credit program that issues a Professional Certificate upon successful completion of the courses and three-month work integrated learning component.

International students are eligible to apply. If you are an international student and have questions about applying, please email us.

Domestic students - $10,500 + GST
International students - $16,000 + GST and an estimated materials fee of $1,500 (total $17,500 + GST)

Domestic student fee breakdown:
  • $10,500 total course cost per student
    • $1,000 tuition deposit upon acceptance
    • $2,500 first term
    • $3,500 second term
    • $3,500 third term
    • Plus textbook fees (estimated $1,000 over duration of program)
  • Work placement at the end of the program
    • Three months of paid work experience
    • Approximately $15-$18 per hour
    • Between 420-450 hours
    • Re-coup between $6,300 to $8,100 during the last three months of the program
Core Courses

XBUS 4201 - Business Computer Applications
Learn about the software applications most commonly used in business. In this course, students will develop a basic working knowledge of a suite of business software applications that includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

XBUS 4202 - Accounting and Finance
This interactive course provides students with practical accounting and financial skills. Students will also learn some background theory of business operations and identify the impact of financial decisions within a supply chain.

XBUS 4203 - Leadership and Professionalism
In this course students will learn the skills they need to be an effective leader, to enhance their value in the marketplace, increase their chances of promotion, or simply make their job easier. Students will be taught the attitudes and values of a successful professional and be able to demonstrate professional interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Various workplace topics and issues will be discussed to gain awareness and the skills needed to suggest improvements, make sound decisions, create efficiencies, or resolve issues.

XBUS 4204 - Business Communications
Business communications is an essential skill in today’s workplace. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently can set one person apart from another and help them to be successful in attaining employment or promotions. This course focuses on both writing and speaking skills.

XBUS 4205 - Marketing
This course introduces students to the concept of marketing in the supply chain industry. It begins by looking at the dynamic environment in which the businesses operate and examines the behaviour of consumers and businesses as they attempt to satisfy their needs.

XBUS 4206 - Logistics
The goal of this course is to help students understand the importance of logistics in supply chain management. They will gain an understanding of how logistics operate and how it provides significant value and a competitive advantage to organizations.

XBUS 4207 - Negotiation Skills
The goal of this course is to educate students to become more effective negotiators. The course will provide the purpose and conditions for negotiation - supported with some negotiation simulations. This course focuses on issues in negotiation and includes negotiation skills and techniques, and the role of negotiations in business, stakeholders, ethics, and culture.

XBUS 4208 - Macroeconomics
Students will build on the skills they learned in the Accounting and Finance course to study economics on a larger scale and examine how to deal with problems of scarce resources. They will learn about economic principles like opportunity cost, supply and demand, and the role of government intervention in markets, among other topics.

XBUS 4209 - Operations Management
This course focuses on important issues in operations management. Students will learn about operations management within organizations and within their respective value and supply chains. Students will also gain an overview of strategic-level decisions and how those decisions impact managers in manufacturing and service operations.

XBUS 4210 - Procurement
In this course, students will learn the difference between purchasing and supply chain management. They will also learn the difference between supply chains and value chains, and differentiate between purchasing for commercial organizations, government, and resale and retail organizations.

XBUS 4211 - Transportation
In this course, students will be introduced to basic terminology and will examine the impact of transportation on supply chain activities. They will also be provided with the key concepts and tools of the transportation function. The course will focus on examining transportation activities and processes that take place in a practical environment.

XBUS 4212 - Inventory and Warehousing
In this course, students will explore inventory and warehousing management. This will include inventory strategies, quality specification, and purchasing logistics.

XBUS 4214 - Competitive Bidding and Contract Management
In this course, students will gain information and skills training such that they will be able to better manage the bidding and contracting process. The focus will be on practical matters in bidding and contracting such as how to draft competitive bidding documents, the application of bidding law, the basics of contract formation, a high-level overview of contract law, and good practices in contract management.

XBUS 4215 - Global Logistics and International Trade
Students will learn about the impact of businesses operating in a global environment. They will also learn about topics like global sourcing and about operating globally.

XBUS 4216 - Lean Principles and Continuous Improvement
Anywhere work is being done, waste is being generated. The identification and elimination of this waste are the keys to achieving the goals of “Lean.” This course provides students with an overview of Lean principles, how it can benefit a company’s efficiency, and how to get started on their own process-improvement journey. Students will gain a basic understanding of the benefits of Lean concepts in process development as well as how to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of a product or service offering.

XBUS 4217 - Business Planning and Processes
This course will help students gain an understanding of how an organization can utilize strategy creation and implementation to define opportunities and mitigate risk as it relates to supply chain management. Students will develop a high-level overview of the processes by which these plans are both devised and implemented to start their new career with a holistic understanding on the planning and processes that are used to make decisions within a business.

WHMIS course participants learn proper safety procedures to follow when using hazardous products in the workplace. Participants will also learn hazard identification, product classification, product labeling and warning signs. Upon successful completion, participants are issued WHMIS certificates valid for two years.

XLAN 1223 - Inclusion at Work
Inclusion at Work is designed for a busy workplace, where face-to-face training may not be feasible. This 5-module course provides learners with perspectives that are foundational to an inclusive mindset, and tools to immediately impact their workplace culture in a positive way.

Additional Workshops
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability in Business
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Technology
  • Relationship Management
  • Adaptability
  • Networking
  • Project Management
Work Integrated Learning Component
A three-month work experience in the field of supply chain.

Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program

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