XBUS1956 - Problem Solving and Decision Making

With over twenty years’ experience in training people how to think critically about problems or issues, our instructor, Dr. Dyer has developed a proven process for enhancing critical thinking skills.

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Learn the principles of problem solving and decision making from a critical skills training expert.

Critical thinking skills are essential in the decision making and problem solving process, helping you think more clearly to make successful decisions in any workplace environment. The Problem Solving and Decision Making continuing studies workshop, developed by critical skills training expert Dr. Dyer, will teach you critical thinking skills that will help you and your team solve problems and make informed decisions in the workplace. This course takes you through the decision-making process and develops learners into more effective problem solvers and decision makers.
**Please note that this course may not have a prerequisite, but its associated program/certificate may. Please refer to your program's page for program prerequisites. 

Completion of any four of the eight courses qualify for the certificate.

March 19, 2019 - Drayton Valley Campus

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Tuition & Fees:
CAD $375.00 + GST

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