Business Process Management Program

The Business Process Management Program provides participants with an understanding of the theory and effective application of business process management concepts, tools and practices to enable positive change.

This program is available to organizations and groups through contract.


Program Details

This hybrid program consist of three levels:

Level One: XBUS 1670 Operations Process Management

Sixty Hours: Hybrid learning

Certificate of completion for Operations Process Management upon completion
Externally Facing Operations
  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Sales processes – From Quote to Cash
  • Procurement processes – From Requisition to Pay
  • Managing value adding processes
Certificate of completion for External Facing Operations upon completion

Level Two: XBUS 1671 Developing Supporting Processes

Sixty Hours: Hybrid learning
Business Support processes
  • Human Resources – providing competent and happy employees
  • Maintenance of infrastructure and work environment
  • Maintaining corporate knowledge – control of documented information
Certificate of completion for Developing Supporting Processes upon completion

Level Three: XBUS 1672 Strategy Development/Building your Business Process Management System

Sixty Hours: Hybrid learning
Processes for building a sustainable business
  • Risk-based thinking
  • Monitoring and measurement, analysis and evaluation
  • Management review and continuous improvement
  • Strategic planning -  development and execution of strategic initiatives
Certificate of completion for Strategy Development/Building your Business Process Management System upon completion

Make A Difference

In this program students are required to target a process from within their Operations Management System and leverage their learning to initiate, implement and sustain quantitative and/or qualitative improvements through a workplace project.  

On successful completion, students should be able to:
  • Identify business process management principles and key concepts, tools and practices and understand their relevance, applicability and benefits;
  • Establish key factors for success and sustainability in an organizational change deployment;
  • Apply key process improvement and change management tools and practices to achieve and sustain improvements; and,
  • Successfully facilitate a sustainable business process management system.

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