Continuing Education Instructor - Hospitality & Cook and Culinary

Colleen Heidecker

Colleen Heidecker’s passions have taken her far and wide but now they are back in Edmonton. What passions? Glad you asked! Dolphins, chocolate and teaching!

Starting at West Edmonton Mall’s Dolphin Habitat she then spent almost 25 years traveling around the world to work at various facilities, resort hotels, and casinos. During these experiences Colleen not only honed her customer service skills and studied the hospitality operations at high-end resorts such as The Mirage and Hawk’s Cay in Florida but also developed a passion for sharing her knowledge through teaching. So how did she get to NorQuest College? Well, her passion for chocolate helped …

Finding herself back in Canada about 10 years ago, she became fascinated creating specialty chocolates and began training as a Master Chocolatier. During her time as the dessert chef at Noorish Conscious Eatery here in Edmonton, her workshops were very popular and from there she branched out to instructing Food courses in the EPS Metro Continuing Education catalog. Next, while being the Director of Culinary Operations for a franchise with 10 locations in Canada, the opportunity of creating an entire employee training manual from scratch taught her the challenges of creating exceptional learning materials by thinking from a student’s perspective. Soon after she started her own business, Colleen Heidecker Chocolates, where she crafts specialty artisan chocolates and shares her expertise through chocolate tastings, classes and private tutoring.  
From there it was only a step away to continuing her passion of teaching by joining NorQuest College in the Hospitality and Service Industry Programs!

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