Flight Attendant - XBUS 2600

Looking for a career that can take you to new heights? Do you have a passion for travel, culture, adventure and providing amazing service? If so, flight attendant training is right for you - it’s not just a career, it’s a lifestyle.

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Flight Attendant Training will allow you to work for a major airline and visit popular destinations around the world, or you could work in the corporate or private sector and find yourself jet-setting to the most exclusive and exotic locations in the world.

We understand that you have a job and responsibilities like your family or schooling. That's why we designed the course for eight Saturdays at our Edmonton downtown campus.

This course prepares Flight Attendant students to deal with any situation that may arise and will cover medical incidents, inflight emergencies and procedures, Persons Assigned Onboard Duties (PAOBD), safety and emergency equipment, security, standard safety procedures, executive customer service, interference with crew members, high altitude, the mechanics of flight, cabin crew communications, captain’s commands, and much more.

Training content is based on the Transport Canada Flight Attendant Training Syllabus and applicable Canadian Aviation Regulations for the private operator and commuter operations aviation sectors.

Students will also achieve emergency first aid and CPR certification, food safety certification, and WHMIS certification, among others.

Industry requirements include, but are not limited to, a high school diploma, valid passport, well-groomed appearance, minimum age of 18, clean background check, and excellent health.

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Flight Attendant - XBUS 2600

Downtown Campus
Tuition & Fees:
CAD $2250.00 + GST

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