Prevention of Infection & Transmission for Community Facing Staff

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NorQuest College’s Prevention of Infection & Transmission course will not only ensure that employees are following the recommendations that AHS provides, but as well that they will understand why they are following these recommendations. Our training provides learners with both theoretical and more importantly, practical ways to carry out tasks using scenario based activities to reinforce learning and empower employees to act confidently in their duties. Moreover, completion of this program will show your customers and employees that you are committed to providing a safe as well as enjoyable experience.
As the COVID-19 situation evolves, organizations are having to follow recommendations brought to them by provincial public health authorities. Understanding how and why we follow these recommendations can be difficult. It is imperative for employers, workers, and volunteers to understand how to apply these recommendations relative to cleaning and infection control. Providing training for organizations and their staff can aid in contributing to a safe workplace for both customers and employees now and in the months to come.

Prevention of Infection & Transmission for Community Facing Staff

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