Navigating the Healthcare System - XHLT 1840

Learn about the structure of the Alberta Health Care system and techniques for communicating with health-care providers to meet the needs of care recipients and caregivers.


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2 hours


Registration Guidelines for Returning Students

Videos and Workshops

All workshops address the following:

  • Ability ranges- modifications that range from caring for an independent senior to the high needs senior.
  • Observation of health status- while providing personal care, learn to assess the health of your loved one to ensure you are step ahead of any age related changes that may need consultation with a health care provider.
  • Tips on how to effectively communicate with loved ones and health care providers to ensure dignity of loved ones is maintained.
  • Pairing of complimentary tools that will assist you in activities of daily living, resulting in decreased stress and pressure for you and your loved one.
  • Application of appropriate decision making and steps of care in a simulated scenario related to the workshop topic.

Workshop Description

Learn about the structure of the Alberta Health Care system and techniques for communicating with health-care providers to meet the needs of care recipients and caregivers. This workshop provides an overview of the health-care system and highlights how caregivers can access the right resources at the right time, including communication regarding medical appointments and for obtaining needed resources. The workshop also focuses on helping caregivers identify care needs using the Care Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT). The workshop includes a class lecture and a simulation experience.

What to expect:
Lecture (1 hour)
  • Covering tips and tricks, how to observe the health status of your loved one, resources and tools for assistance, hands on training.

Video of a Simulated Experience (1 hour)
Experience high potential scenarios that a caregiver may experience while looking after a loved one and go through appropriate decision making and the steps of care.

Prior to the workshop, registrants will receive the following:
  • Instruction to access online platform link for viewing the workshop
  • Information guide and resources
  • Access to quick videos for just in time learning*
*Note that since we are unable to develop these videos due to social distancing restrictions, participants will receive these videos when available after the workshop.

All participants will receive a digital badge upon completion of the workshop as evidence of their newly acquired skills.

XHLT 1840 - Navigating the Healthcare System

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