Family Caregiver Wellness Workshops

Are you caring for a loved one? Learn the skills to be confident and empowered as a family caregiver. NorQuest College has the knowledge and expertise to provide workshops to help family caregivers transition into their new normal of caring for their loved ones. 



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The Family Caregiver Wellness Workshops:

  • Will allow you to learn from anywhere - A suite of online innovative workshops, videos and modules developed for family caregivers.
  • Will allow you to learn about technologies and tools that can assist you- we will showcase current and relevant technologies to seniors care.
  • Are not meant to displace homecare services nor to overburden the caregiver.

Rural and Indigenous Caregivers Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

NorQuest College is interested in gaining a better understanding of rural and Indigenous caregiver experiences. By completing this short survey, you will be helping the College to collect the information needed to improve the Family Caregiver Wellness Initiative workshops, better plan for the launch of these workshops in rural and Indigenous communities, and to meet the requirements of the funder, the Government of Alberta, as it relates to meaningfully engaging the target audience. All information shared will be confidential and will only be used in the aforementioned manner and in a format that does not compromise the security of the respondent. 

Partnerships and Supporters

Family Caregiver Wellness Initiative is a member of Sandwiched 911.


NorQuest Family Caregiver Wellness Initiative in a partner influencer member of Wellness Works Canada

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This course was excellent thank you for putting it on. It was wonderful experience knowledge-based I learned a lot. In the future I'd like to see more courses offered. Many Thanks. Take care.
Anonymous  Family Caregiver Wellness Workshops

Individual courses in Family Caregiver Wellness Workshops

XHLT 1800 - Assisting with Personal and Intimate Care

Learn techniques in for providing personal care (oral health, bathing, dressing and incontinence care).

XHLT 1810 - Assisting with Mobility-Safe Practices

Learn safe body mechanic techniques for assisting with movement.

XHLT 1820 - Mealtime & Medication Assistance

Learn safe feeding and medication administration that will promote autonomy, safety and family connection (techniques for food consistency, difficulties swallowing, prevention of choking and understanding medications).

XHLT 1830 - Palliative and End-of-Life Care: Support for the Caregiver

This workshop will provide information for the caregiver to feel confident and supported while providing care to a loved one who is palliative end-of-life.

XHLT 1840 - Navigating the Healthcare System

Learn about the structure of the Alberta Health Care system and techniques for communicating with health-care providers to meet the needs of care recipients and caregivers.

XHLT 1850 - Pain Monitoring and Management for the Caregiver

Learn how to observe a person's pain level and provide supportive measures.

XHLT 1860 - Supporting a Person with Dementia: Guidance for the Caregiver

Learn about dementia and strategies to use to support a loved one with this diagnosis.

XHLT 1870 - Effective Communication: Guidance for the Caregiver

Learn about effective ways to communicate with your loved one.

XHLT 1880 - All You Need to Know About Infection Control and Prevention

Learn about how infections are spread and the ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones, along with suggestions on how to maintain self-isolation within a home setting.

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