NFPA 1041–Fire Service Instructor Training Program

The NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor Training program is designed for those who wish to transition from a firefighting career into the role of a fire service training instructor.

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How does it work?

This program is tailored to professionals working in the fire service industry who want to broaden their horizons and take on the role of a mentor and trainer to the next generation of firefighters.

There are two levels to complete in the Fire Instructor Program; however, learners can choose to complete only Level I.

Program details

These courses are designed for those fire/rescue members who are interested in developing their teaching and training skills.

Students will learn:

  • theory and techniques to deliver instruction effectively from a prepared lesson plan, including instructional aids and evaluation instruments
  • how to adapt lesson plans to the unique requirements of the students and authority having jurisdiction
  • how to organize the learning environment so that learning and safety are maximized
  • how to meet the record-keeping requirements of the authority having jurisdiction

Topics covered include:

  • knowledge and ability to develop individual lesson plans for a specific topic, including learning objectives, instructional aids, and evaluation instruments
  • scheduling training sessions based on overall training plan of authority having jurisdiction
  • supervising and coordinating the activities of other instruction


20 – 30 hours of learning per level; up to 26 weeks to complete


Theory component is online; practical skills are assignment based


$795.00 + GST per level (two levels for full program)


Purchase through the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association Bookstore prior to the course start date:

  • IFSTA, Fire and Emergency Services Instructor, 8th Edition (2012)

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Individual courses in NFPA 1041–Fire Service Instructor Training Program

NFPA 1041–Fire Service Instructor Level I

The Fire Instructor Level I (NFPA 1041) firefighter certification course is designed to help you make the transition from a firefighting or rescue team member to a professional fire instructor.

This fire safety training course will give you the understanding and background necessary to effectively deliver training and instructions, prepare lesson plans, and how to properly utilize instructional aids and instruments of evaluation.

You will also learn how to adapt lesson plans to the unique needs of students, organize learning environments to maximize learning and safety, and meet the requirements of record-keeping systems. 

NFPA 1041–Fire Service Instructor Level II

The Fire Service Instructor Level II (NFPA 1041) certification course will give you the next level of instructional knowledge needed to transition into a fire safety trainer and instructor.

This fire safety training course will teach you how to effectively evaluate fire and rescue students, develop individual lesson plans on specific fire and rescue topics, and how to apply instructional aids and evaluation instruments to those lesson plans.

You will also learn how to schedule training sessions, how to supervise and coordinate activities of other instruction, and more. 

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