Fire & Safety

NorQuest College offers custom fire and safety training that is specially designed to meet the needs of clients through customized content and flexible modes of delivery. 

How it works

Designed for groups, departments, and corporations; you will be given the option to receive fire and safety training courses online, in person, at your organization, at a NorQuest College campus, or whichever location is most convenient.  We can also offer blended delivery models, allowing your organization or Fire Department to practice the required JPRs through your in-house training, while we support your members with an interactive on-line theory component, monitoring and managing their progress through the course and ensuring they have ample support from a certified Fire Services Instructor. We work closely with you to assess your needs, bringing you only the most relevant, accurate custom training. Please contact us to discuss your training needs. 

Custom Training Cost

Custom fire and safety training costs may range between $1,000 to $5,000 per individual learner. Prices are dependent on training requirements, instructors, location, evaluation type and delivery methods chosen.

Many of the corporate custom training programs offered by NorQuest College qualify for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Contact us for more information and to find out if your custom training program qualifies.

Custom Training Location

Custom training courses will be facilitated at the appropriate approved training facility.

Custom Training Offers

The following fire and safety custom training courses have been offered by NorQuest College in the past. Our dedicated program officers will work with you to assess your needs and develop a training program that fits best for your team or organization. 

Rope Rescue

The rope rescue training focuses on the specialized equipment and procedures in various real-world scenarios involving technical rope rescue. Through extensive hands-on exercises, you will learn to apply the skills, knowledge, and techniques required to use various rope systems to perform rope rescues. Topics include directing a team in the operation of a simple-rope mechanical advantage system in a high-angle raising operation; directing a lowering operation in a high-angle environment; constructing a multiple-point anchor system; constructing a compound-rope mechanical advantage system; constructing a fixed-rope system; directing the operation of a compound-rope mechanical advantage system in a high-angle environment; ascending a fixed rope in a high-angle environment; and descending a fixed rope in a high-angle environment.


Hazardous Materials (Awareness & Operations Levels)

This course reviews hazardous materials and incidents or emergencies with weapons of mass destruction. This course stresses how personnel can protect themselves, initiate proper responses, and secure the area. Those who complete this training will be able to respond to incidents involving hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction incidents with the goal of protecting nearby persons, the environment, or property from the effect of the release. In addition, you will learn to use personal protective equipment and implement product control measures.


Industrial Firefighting

This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to perform firefighting inside or outside of an industrial enclosed structure or building. The course content includes all the knowledge and skills required to initiate communications using facility communications equipment to effectively relay oral or written information; responding to alarms, manually controlling fires and property conservation activities; returning equipment to service; performing fire safety surveys; and completing incident reports. Specific topics covered are: general knowledge of basic fire behaviour, operating within an incident management system, operating within the emergency response operations plan for the site, and site-specific hazards.  The tuition for this course ranges from $1,195-$6,195 dependant on training location and customized training needs. 


NFPA 1001 - Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications (High School- Custom Program)

This course is provided in a blended delivery model; components include online theory as well as live theory review and hands-on practical skill training. The High School program hours are extended to allow for additional theory review and practical skills training. Practical skills training can be completed in local communities and prices may vary based on local approved training site costs.  Upon sucessful completion of this program learners will be eligible to apply for their IFSAC and ProBoard certification through the Office of the Fire Commissioner.  Some students may be eligible for High School credits.  The tuition for this program ranges between $10,000 - $15,000.  

Contact Information

Contact us for more information on the Fire & Safety custom training opportunities.

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