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NorQuest College is dedicated to offering flexible corporate custom training for Alberta businesses 


​NorQuest College is dedicated to offering corporate custom training for Alberta businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Effective custom training will give your organization a major competitive advantage by providing your team with professional development opportunities that will expand their skill set and increase profitability.

Our team of instructors and staff are dedicated to providing your business with the most cutting-edge workplace training to get you the very most out of your custom corporate training experience. In order to ensure the highest quality training opportunities for you and your team, we will work with you directly to assess your needs and create exciting courses that suit the unique goals of your company.

NorQuest College’s diverse line of custom training courses are nationally renowned for their exceptionally high quality programming, our staff’s natural ability to adapt to your organization’s needs, and our outstanding team of experienced instructors. NorQuest prides itself on our team’s dedication to building partnerships with organizations of all shapes and sizes, making a difference to Alberta communities, building successful programs to ensure your long-term success, and achieving consistently successful results.

The wide range of custom corporate training opportunities being offered by NorQuest include:


ications.The hospitality and service sector is booming across Canada. NorQuest College’s experienced team of hospitality experts are dedicated to helping you go beyond the call of duty in meeting customer needs. Our custom hospitality training ranges from introductory level to specialized hospitality training that will help your company to flourish in this quickly growing sector.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

As the number of new Canadians entering the workforce continues to grow, ensuring cultural diversity in the workplace is important for the long-term success of your business. The experienced team of trainers and researches at NorQuest College are dedicated to providing employers with strategies to promote inclusive practices and diverse values within your workplace culture.

Health & Community Studies

The health and community studies sectors are vital to the growth and success of any community, offering life-changing assistance and guidance to those in need. NorQuest College offers a wide range of professional development opportunities that build on skills possessed by nurses, personal support workers, and social workers. Our custom training opportunities provide you with real-world experience, relevant knowledge, and practical skills that will help advance your career.

The expert continuing education and custom training team at NorQuest College are dedicated to building custom training options that work for your organization. No matter what sector your organization is involved in, NorQuest will build effective custom training options for you and your team - our coordinators will work with outside trainers and consultants in order to craft ideal custom training solutions.

Save on training

Available to all employers, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant allows employers to support training initiatives that equip current and future employees with the skills needed to fill available jobs. Get the details and see if your custom training qualifies here

Corporate Training Charts

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