Wastewater Program

Wastewater Program

The Wastewater training is designed to give individuals and organizations the environmental industry training required to improve their wastewater treatment operations. Overseen by wastewater industry leaders from Alberta-based businesses, our training is relevant, practical, and needed.

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Learn the latest in wastewater treatment technologies and methods at NorQuest College

Lagoons play an enormous role in the effective management of wastewater, making them a vital part of the wastewater industry. This program has been developed to teach wastewater treatment operators how to improve wastewater operations. NorQuest College has also made Wastewater custom training opportunities available to organizations and communities looking to learn about the unique wastewater techniques and industry opportunities available.

NorQuest’s wastewater offerings contain the unique Lagoon Specialist course. This versatile environmental training course gives wastewater treatment operators the practical skills needed to apply new lagoon technologies used to improve lagoon processes and to remove. You will also learn how to control and reuse sludge within a lagoon, how to identify new opportunities for economic diversification and capacity building, and how to perform and analyze hydrographic surveys.

Upon successful completion of the Lagoon Specialist course, Class I, Class II, and Class III Water Treatment Operators will earn 0.6 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).

Individual courses in Wastewater Program

XBUS 1750 Lagoon Operator

Our unique Lagoon Specialist Training environmental studies course is designed to give you the skills you need to improve the efficiency of lagoons through new approaches, management plans, and the latest in groundbreaking lagoon water treatment technology. Lagoons are an extremely important part of effective wastewater treatment, making them very valuable to the clean and green sectors.

Custom Training

We focus on the partnership. We want to support our client's success and prosperity. Whether we use our existing continuing education courses and build on that; or, we start from scratch, we want to work with you to see results. We customize curriculum based on your business or organizational needs. Talk to us today.

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Save on the cost of training

Whether you are an individual or an organization looking for training for your staff, the Canada-Alberta job grant can help save on the costs. Many of our continuing education and custom training programs qualify for the grant. What does that mean? With the grant, you can save two-thirds of the costs.

For details on what courses and programs qualify, talk to one of our program officers.

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Wastewater Program

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