XHLT 1700 - Medical Cannabis Essentials for Health Professionals

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This course is delivered online through Durham College's interactive online simulcast. You require access to a computer with high-speed internet and camera for the duration of class each day. Prior to the class starting you will receive an email detailing the login instructions. This course is also offered by Okanagan College.

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This introductory-level course examines the rapidly evolving aspects of medical cannabis use in Canada and the vital need for healthcare providers to expand their involvement in medical cannabis education for client care. This course is tailored for new and experienced health professionals looking to increase their knowledge of medical cannabis and how it relates to everyday practice. Health professionals who are currently interacting with medical cannabis patients or are looking to get involved in this growing area of medical focus will benefit from the program. The course will cover the details of cannabinoids, terpenes, cannabis consumption methods, and pharmacokinetic action, and how to effectively select cannabis strains for clients. Health professionals will learn the fundamentals of the endocannabinoid system, and how to analyze a medical cannabis treatment plan including dosing, titration, and identification of client risk factors.

This course will also examine the viewpoints of provincial, federal, and professional regulatory bodies and associations on medical cannabis. This will include the role of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and the interdisciplinary health professional team. Through their studies, health professionals will develop contextual knowledge that will expand their understanding of medical cannabis as it relates to their role and how to appropriately apply it to client-centred care.

‚ÄčThis course is designed for regulated health professionals.

Medical Cannabis Essentials for Health Professionals

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