Clean Green Program

Clean & Green Continuing Education

NorQuest Continuing Education & Custom Training (CECT) offers a variety of environmental training and practical skills courses designed to help organizations, communities, and individuals reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage waste effectively, improve energy efficiency, and start new businesses in the green economy.

Our Clean & Green courses enable corporations, communities, and individuals to navigate new green legislation, as well as expose learners to the many programs and initiatives available to help reduce their overall personal or corporate carbon footprint.

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Advance your career with training in environmental and business studies

The clean and green sector is important to communities across Canada as businesses and individuals work to make commitments to reduce their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. Our instructors and program officers work with businesses, learners, and municipalities around Alberta to promote sustainable growth habits and greener ways of living. Our program helps to create a clean and healthy environment by land, water, and air.

Our Clean & Green courses are designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to:

  • develop sustainability in your business
  • set and achieve clean and green goals
  • fuel new business startup ideas
  • promote environmental stewardship

Energy Efficiency Program

Energy Efficiency Program

Our Energy Efficiency program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for the Natural Resources Canada Foundational Level and Energy Advisor exams. Successfully complete these exam preparation courses to prepare for a rewarding career in energy efficiency.

Training incentives are available for this program.

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Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp Program

The Industrial Hemp environmental training program at NorQuest gives you the practical skills needed to begin a successful career as an industrial hemp farmer, professional hemp processor, or hemp business entrepreneur.

Through a series of online courses taught by industry veterans such as process engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and farmers, you will learn about the industrial hemp industry and the information required to become an entrepreneur, develop a new product, or start farming.

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Business Plan & Pitch

Business Plan and Pitch

This program is designed to help you understand what being an entrepreneur is all about, and to help you prepare to launch new ideas or re-launch your current one.

You'll learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and what your idea can look like, and develop business and marketing plans that you can take from this course and directly apply to your business.

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Wastewater Program


Our Wastewater training program is designed to give individuals and organizations the environmental industry training required to improve their wastewater treatment operations.

Overseen by wastewater industry leaders from Alberta-based businesses, our training is relevant, practical, and needed.

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Custom training

We focus on the partnership. We want to support our client's success and prosperity. Whether we use our existing continuing education courses and build on that, or if we start from scratch, we will work with you to deliver results. We customize curriculum based on your business or organizational needs. Talk to us today.

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Save on the cost of training

Whether you are an individual or an organization looking for training for your staff, the Canada-Alberta job grant can help save on the costs. Many of our continuing education and custom training programs qualify for the grant. What does that mean? With the grant, you can save two-thirds of the costs.

For details on which courses and programs qualify, talk to one of our program officers.

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Clean Green Program

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