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NorQuest Continuing Education & Custom Training (CECT) offers industry-focused education and training opportunities. Our team is made up of highly experienced instructors, consultants, trainers, and curriculum developers. 

What we do

NorQuest CECT programs and courses equip individuals, organizations, and teams with the knowledge and practical skills training required to advance individual careers, take teams to the next level, and make a genuine difference in their communities.

We offer a variety of programs and courses in:

We are pioneers in matching programs and courses with current industry needs. Our program officers work with industry and subject-matter experts to develop training that is relevant and practical for organizations to apply. Our training also serves individual learners looking for employment as well as those learners looking to develop skills that lead to advancement in their careers. We consult, assess, and then build training solutions to provide the tools for both individual learners and organizational training required by employers.

Partnership Focus
We are dedicated to building meaningful partnerships and relationships with organizations to help teams change perspectives; and strive to attain consistent results. Every member of our team is equipped with a passion for community, an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to clients of all sizes that makes a meaningful impact. We recognize the diverse needs of organizations, and are passionate about creating engaging courses and custom training opportunities for organizations that meet the unique needs of every client. Our team works directly with organizations and individuals to assess their needs and identify areas of improvement in order to develop the most relevant training and education opportunities.

Contact our program officers to learn more and get started. We strive to make training and education opportunities available to all learners through a range of delivery methods from online learning to on-site training.

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10230 108 Street NW
Building C, Room C100
Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5J 1L4
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